Waste & Water Treatment

Waste & Water Treatment Solutions, we help to solve water problems through a successful integration of water treatment solution. 
Water is one of our most important natural resources as well as the element that keeps most creatures on earth alive. About seventy percent of the earth's surface is covered with water, yet only one percent is fresh water for use by people and animals. How to preserve our limited water resources and obtain maximum usage is now a critical global issue.

Even in developed countries, water resources are a problem. Based on a recent report released by the European Union (EU), water scarcity and drought has affected 11% of Europe's population and 17% of the EU territory, leading to a loss of more than 100 billion Euros since 1980.


We provided AC motor drives that were specifically designed for pump applications with high horsepower, adjustable V/F curve and automatic voltage regulation. The AC motor drives have programmable logic controllers with analog and digital I/O modules and Ethernet modules that make possible high-speed signal communication, and provide the water plant with enhanced operating efficiency.

The deployment of water treatment solution was divided for two ends, the water plant end and the pumping station end. For the water plant end, Delta integrated the SCADA software deployed during the water plant's phase 1 construction with a new set of PLCs as the central control and monitor interface.


New control panels and cabinets were added for the use of central control.

For the pumping station end, the configuration of PLCs and AC motor drives was used for the operation control of the pumping station.

The DVP-S series left side Ethernet module allowed long distance communication between the two ends using a radio modem. In addition, a certified engineer with more than 10 years of experience in the integration of SCADA and PLC programming coordinated the project all the way through, ensuring smooth and effective system integration.

With its mission "to provide innovative, clean, and energy efficient solutions for a better tomorrow", we provided a seamless integration of its water treatment solution and brought the local population high-quality, reliable and efficient water process automation and supply.