Clothing reflects each person's taste and identity, and textiles are used to create apparel. Whether natural or man-made fibers, both can be processed through textile machinery and made into cloth, and further made into garments. The fashion industry nowadays also requires more in fabric range and quality. The textile industry is highly focused on the accuracy and quality of finished products in the automated textile process.

For textile machinery applications, we offer a full set of cotton spinning equipment control programs that mainly focus on low power consumption, high speed, automation and digitization. By using a PLC as the main controller, an encoder for positioning detection, AC motor drives or AC servo drives for motion control, the textile requirements of high-speed and high-precision tension control and synchronization control can be met. The parameters can also be set by an HMI to regulate temperature control and production process detection, which can be effectively used in mercerizing machines, bleaching and dyeing machines, washing machines, jig dyeing machines, and calico printing machines. we would like to help you select the best machinery and equipment to achieve energy savings and further upgrade the textile industry.