2001– We start founded our company and provide Engineering services.
2002– Autonics Sensors & Controllers Korea as a distributor in Myanmar regions.
2003– Shako Pneumatics Taiwan as a distributor.
2004 – Delta Industrial Automation as a distributor.
2007– Schneider Electric as a business partner.
2008 – Opened Training classes to share and train our people to get awareness on products & services & improve their carrier job.

2010 – Lunched Delta Elevator Drives and support & supply to construction businesses and Elevator Engineers.
2011 – Finetek Taiwan as a business partner.
2012 – Alia-Inc USA as a distributor in Myanmar.
2013– We participated with Autonics Sensors & Controllers Seminars to get more customer awareness and good image on our products & services.

2014 – Fluke USA a official dealer in Myanmar.
2015 – Ginice Korea as a distributor.
2016 – Extech Instrument USA as a distributor in Myanmar regions.
2017 – Cooperated with Vetec & Teleradio for Crane & Hoist Industries.